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Old 30th January 2009, 03:43
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New Hypnotic Domina Collection - XXX (Audio)

Hypnotic Domina Collection - XXX (Audio)
by Isabella Valentine

The term HypnoDomme, from which this site takes its name, describes a Dominant Woman who uses hypnosis as one of her tools to control and train Her submissives.
Some will seduce you sweetly and allow you to fulfill your need for love and addiction, while others will provide the strict obedience you require to keep you in line.
No matter what your tastes, you will certainly find the beginnings of your path to exploring erotic hypnosis here.

Here we understand that Erotic hypnosis covers a wide range of fetishes and interests;
Have you fantasized about experiencing hypnotic feminization because you love the feel of silky smooth panties?
Do you have a need and desire to be humiliated because you are a naughty boy?
Or, perhaps you have a foot fetish and you get aroused by the thought of sitting in front of your computer screen watching as She removes Her leather boots and drizzles lotion over Her bare feet before massaging it in.
All the while Her voice is taking you into deep trance, reinforcing your desire to worship Her feet as She looks down on you.
At the very least, you deserve a nice little mental massage, or hypnotic vacation.
And by getting to know these wonderful ladies you are sure to find something to make you feel good as you connect with your sexy hypnotist and let your her guide you on a deep erotic journey.

Nice & Sweet
Arabian Princess:
This highly sensual exotic-themed erotic hypnosis session is great for those who love falling in love with Arabian and Egyptian princesses.
Come with Isabella, the Princess of Arabia into the midnight desert and let Her take control of your mind and body.
Ass Worship:
Have you ever stared at a girl's ass and you swore you were in heaven?
I gotta tell you, it happens to Me all the time.
The way their asses sway back and forth can be sooo hypnotic!
For those who really appreciate the beauty of the perfect, hypnotic ass, then this recording is perfect for you.
Hypnotists Isabella Valentine and Mistress Lycia join together for this amazing tease and denial hypnosis session!
Bella Luna:
Be hypnotized by the Moon Goddess who not only controls the moon and the stars, but also your mind and your body!
Feel yourself losing power over your will as I peer into your soul inside your eyelids as you let go forever....
Cocoon Submission (voice only)
Cocoon Submission (w music)
This erotic hypnosis mp3 is designed to guide you into deep submission and devotion for Me by letting you feel safe and secure inside of the cocoon of My voice.
Learn the true art of being submissive so you can learn to be obedient to your Goddess Isabella and let your mind melt away!
Confidence Beach:
Every heterosexual man with a hypnosis fetish should have this mp3 recording in his collection because it's something everyone should experience.
And I highly recommend repetitive listening because this really can make an impressive impact in your personal life and even in your career!
Gentlemens Club:
This is involves a 13 minute deep hypnotic induction that helps take you down into a seductive, relaxing trance.
After the induction, you will enjoy a realistic mind fantasy where you join me at an elite gentleman's club where we have hot orgy sex upstairs with the most gorgeous women in the world.
Love Spell:
Enjoy this erotic hypnosis session which is great for those who have "love fetishes",
addiction fetishes, mind manipulation, mind control, erotic spell casting, and being under my command.
Mindless Zombie:
Recommended for men who enjoy erotic hypnosis with a long, relaxing full body induction.
Listen as your mind becomes totally submissive and obedient to Me.
This mp3 session has masturbation triggers and makes you feel obedient and vulnerable to My hypnotic, soothing voice.
Powerless With No Control:
Recommended for first-time listeners includes long induction, masturbation triggers, and makes you feel completely powerless.
Includes subliminal background messages throughout the recording!
Hear Me have an orgasm with you at the very end! Very sexy and takes you into a relaxing trance.
Resist or Surrender:
Isabella Valentine and Nikki Fatale collaborate for this sensual tag-team hypnosis recording. Will you listen to Nikki as she tells you to succumb to Her spell...
or will you listen to Isabella as she commands you to resist her and accept a mental challenge! Either way, you belong to US now.
Sensual Massage:
This mp3 features hypnotist Isabella Valentine and special guest hypnotist Mistress Alexandra in this sensational therapeutic massage session.
You've had such a long, long day.
Come here and lie back on the massage table and let Us give you soothing, relaxing comfort.
The Tease:
This erotic hypnosis mp3 is appropriately titled, "The Tease" because I tease you relentlessly.
I am a devious little cocktease who hypnotizes you softly and gently with My perfect angelic voice.
And with the kindest of words,
I deny you the pleasure of feeling My hand and make you touch your OWN...

Brain Conditioning:
Destruction of Ego:
The only way to truly be a slave is to first realize you are nothing.
In this recording, I crush your ego in a thousand ways, each time hitting you where it hurts.
The entire recording involves reframing, mind manipulation, and NLP techniques to destroy your delusions of manhood.

Laundry_ Heavy Soak:
This mp3 is designed to brainwash you to accept:
1) your wife should sleep with other men
2) your wife likes big cock
3) your vows are not important to her
4) you are not allowed to see other women
5) you love your wife cheating on you and it arouses you!
Laundry_ Lint Trap:
Are you a compulsive masturbator that spends your whole useless life masturbating and being pathetic?
Then this mp3 is for you.
Be brainwashed into knowing just how useless and dumb you are. You are dumb. You are a loser.
You are an idiot. No one likes you.
Laundry_ Permanent Press:
Be humiliated endlessly in this brainwashing mp3 as I tease you constantly for wearing panties.
I re-enforce that you must wear panties every single day for Me and that you are not a man,
but a sick and twisted pantyboy!
This is not for the faint of heart.
In fact, you gotta be pretty tough to handle the stuff I say in this.
Think you can handle it, cocksucker?
You'll be brainwashed to gag on My cock, get fucked in the ass with My strapon -
and be obsessed to love it whenever you masturbate.

Financial Domination:
Crooked Hypnotist:
I'm not exactly sure what the fascination is with evil women, but for some reason -
they can be quite appealing.
And what happens if that evil woman is a hypnotist?
Oh boy, that's two major no-no's! What if she wants to take everything from you?
Wouldn't that be terrible?
Mind Trap:
This starts off as innocent phone sex with masturbation instructions and comments like,
"Oh I would never DREAM of hypnotizing you..." and before you know it,
you are hard as a rock and touching yourself just the way I instruct.
Sometimes the best way to hypnotize someone is to do it when they le...

Love & Addiction:
Hypnotists Isabella Valentine and Mistress Lycia inject into you an very powerful and addictive hypnotic drug, adoraphine.
If you have a love and addiction fetish and want to be owned and control to want us for the rest of your lives,
then this recording is FOR YOU.
Battle of the Hypnodommes:
Hypnotists Isabella Valentine and Mistress Lycia are both very talented, experienced HypnoDommes with years of psychological mind seduction underneath their hypnotic gazes.
Find out what happens when the two of Us compete in the Ultimate Hypnotic Trance!
Who will control each other more dominantly?
Mindless Robot:
This is completely designed to deepen your hypnotic experience, programming you to become a mindless robot,
to worship and obey Me, and lose all control of yourself.

Isabella Valentine and Mistress Alexandra team up as two evil witches who love nothing more than to steal your soul
as they give you poisonous potions designed to have powerful effects on your body that you may not like.
Lady Vampire:
Many vampires in European folklore are considered highly sexual immortal beings that possess the ability to read and even control people's minds.
I am Isabella de la Valentina, the Goddess of all Vampires,
stepping out of the night and into your mind to do as I please with you.

Get ready for the ride of your life!
This recording is great for beginners who are new to the whole experience of erotic hypnosis. Advanced users will also enjoy this session very much.
Enjoy a long, deep relaxation involving a peaceful elevator ride down into the deepest place in your mind.
In this mp3 recording, I spent several days writing an extremely detailed script which has an extensive amount of double binds,
presuppositions, a highly effective confusion technique, and other NLP techniques to help you go deep into trance.
Skeptical Slave:
Eject your mind and enter Isabella. Whether you are a skeptic or a slave or a skeptic slave,
the reason you are here is because hypnosis fascinates you.
So give in to the feeling of submission and allow yourself total pleasure by submitting to Me. Submit to My words, My commands, My voice and giv...

Recordings for Women:
Jackpot - No Hands:
You all have asked for it and here it is!
Many people have asked me to make an erotic hypnosis recording designed to make you cum without touching yourself.
The wait is finally over!

Sensual Therapy Hypnosis:
Trim & Sexy (for Men):
This is a sensual therapeutic hypnosis recording just for men!
Become healthy, fit, and strong!
Then this mp3 is perfect for you.
This recording focuses specifically on developing your muscles, gaining strength and confidence, learning how to better choose healthy foods for your body, and how to ...

Miscellaneous Recordings:
Cock Worship:
This mp3 is designed for men who crave cock and want to worship a large penis.
This recording is designed as a dual-listening binaural audio mind-confusion technique mp3.
On the left speaker, I tell you to worship the cock, to suck it and obey the beautiful penis.
On the right speaker, I continually tell you to resist the penis and fight it at all costs.
With this obey/resist mind confusion technique, you will feel the push-pull mentality and will feel aroused as your mind makes you either feel aroused or turned off by the cock.
In one ear, I will either be commanding you to be sucking the cock or I will be demanding that you keep your mouth closed and not let it enter your mouth.
The choice is YOURS to make! Whether or not you turn into a cocksucking faggot is completely up to you!
Sweet Release:
Close your eyes and get ready for a long, relaxing induction where my voice soothes and melts your mind.
My voice whispering quietly into your ear, purring sweet phrases that seduce your mind right where I want you.
If you think you'll be able to resist me, think again.
This recording is true ear...
Femdom Control:
Be a slave to Isabella and give up all your control and sacrifice yourself at My feet.
Become obsessed with the sound of My high heels walking on the floor as you bow before Me.
Give up your rights and become a lowly slave who longs to wear a collar while being lead by a leash by My mighty wrist.
Red Goddess:
Welcome I am the Red Goddess, and tonight I will own your soul.
Take a hypnotic journey with Me down into My cave hidden and watch in helplessness
while I steal your soul and keep your spirit trapped within the vial around My neck.
Watch in desperation as I turn you into My eternal slave.
The Succubus:
Goddess Isabella and Enchantress Alexandra play one evil Succubus,
a spirit which takes the form of a female to seduce men to have sex with her.
The succubus coerces you to fall asleep and once you are sleeping...
she invades your dreams and Her true presence comes out.
She take your soul while y...
Black Impregnation:
Isabella and Mistress Alexandra team up together to talk about our fantasies of getting pregnant by black men!
We had no idea that we both had the same fantasy.
We both enjoy black men and both secretly fantasize about being impregnated by black men.
In this mp3 we candidly discuss our sexual opinions on sex with black men vs. white men.
The truth is black men have bigger cocks and are machines that can go for hours and hours!
If either one of us were to ever have children, it would definitely be with a black man.
Anal Slut Training:
For those of you who crave dildo and anal training without being into the “feminization” fetish, then you will truly enjoy this!
There are very minimal references to being a girl, since the focus is on fucking your ass and teaching you how to appreciate a strapon instead of making it about feminization.
This is for anal fetishists, not pantyboy enthusiasts.
Dildo required for maximum effect.
Fetishes include: dildo and anal training, direct masturbation instructions, strapon fucking, orgasm command, vulgar namecalling “bitch” and “slut” especially, light spanking, strapon sucking, ass to mouth dildo sucking, and submissive obedience.
Caught Panty-Handed:
Isabella and Mistress Alexandra are snobby salesgirls at an upscale store in Beverly Hills, a very elite store showcasing fine fabrics and expensive lingerie.
Right before the store closes, you walk in wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase and disappear into the ladies’ dressing room.
It takes us a while to figure out where you are, because… what kind of MAN would be in a LADIES’ dressing room?
Cum Slut Bitch Whore:
This erotic hypnosis recording breaks all the rules.
I think the title tells you everything.
This was created due to popular request by those who simply can't get enough vulgar language and dirty lip talk.
If humiliation is your fetish, then this recording is an absolute must for your collection.
Be warned, it's pretty degrading and certainly not for everyone.
It's starts off sweet, slow, and innocent... and then turns into something pretty intensely humiliating.
Faggot Prison:
This erotic hypnosis recording is designed for so-called "straight" men that have fantasies about being with other men.
Once you enter Faggot Prison, you're going to realize that you've been obsessed with cocksucking and getting your ass pounded by other men your whole life.
Learn the rules of being the best flaming faggot in prison, how to suck cock the best,
and how to turn on your other faggot cellmates.
It doesn't matter which kind of guy fucks you, you're going to learn to accept all cocks (and all men) of all shapes and sizes.
In this recording, your feelings of are absolute no importance. You will be transformed into a flaming queer and there's no going back.
Forced Cuckold & Bisexuality:
Description: I am your wife and while we’ve been married, I’ve been cheating on you with a black man named Deon.
You have a very small penis and since you can’t bring me to orgasm,
I have sex with him right in front of you while you masturbate.
Then I make you suck his cock, lick his ass, and turn you into my bitch by making you lick my pussy after he’s cummed inside me.
Very hot!
This is recommended for those who like to be reminded they are inadequate in the bedroom.
Glory Hole Sissy Slave:
Isabella walks into an adult porn shop with Mistress Alexandra and Her slave tommi.
You take on the role of slave tommi, a shy sissy who dreams of sucking real cock at a glory hole but has never actually done it.
In this recording, We convince you to go down into the basement of the porn shop and suck Mistress Alexandra’s strapon… which of course, is replaced quickly by a real penis.
You are then told to swallow load after load from different guys and learn to enjoy it!
Pretty soon you’re craving the taste of cum!
Pathetic Wanker:
Isabella and Mistress Alexandra team up together to talk about a pathetic wanker - a total loser!
Apparently a loser of a guy (you) works at a woman’s clothing store and spends all his time behind the counter staring at women.
After giving both of us discounts and giving Alexandra a cum-stained business card,
we start speculating just why he is working there and if he is masturbating behind the counter. What a pervert!
Peaceful Mind Vacation:
This is NOT an erotic recording. Recommended for anyone - both men and women.
Take a mind vacation away from stress, worry, and tension. I absolutely love this recording and enjoy listening to it often because it just makes me feel like I’m taking a vacation away from life.
Take a break from your stressful life and forget about things bothering you.
This recording is intended to relax you and has a full-body muscle relaxation technique used to help deepen your trance.
This is especially good for those who have difficulty going under.
It is a mind meditation that involves laying in the shade on a hammock against a beautiful beach where you can let all your fears and insecurities subside.
It encourages your inner peace to feel more genuinely happy and calms you down.
Includes very subtle meditation background music throughout recording.
Pimped Out:
Have you ever had fantasies about being pimped out to handsome men and passed around like a horny slut? If you have, then you'll love the kinkiness of this recording!
Surrender to the beautiful feeling of giving up control to a beautiful, large cock in your mouth (and in your ass)!
The male body looks so much sexier when it's ravaged by cocks,
so enjoy the experience of being plucked and fucked by strangers through the power of hypnosis!
Prison Probed:
Isabella Valentine plays the role of a naive (but eager) medical student and Mistress Alexandra plays the role of a registered nurse at a Prison Infirmary.
You are a prison patient who keeps returning to the hospital and it’s our job to figure out what your ailment is.
After much deliberation and body testing, we figure out that you are actually scared of dropping your soap and being anally taken by your prison mates.
Alexandra discovers that your anus is abnormally tight and constricted, so she trains student Isabella to commence in anal stretching and probing of your asshole with sizable dongs.
We restrain you as well as sit on your chest and put a dildo in your mouth to gag you to keep you from making noise.
We don’t want you screaming while we’re stretching your tight ass. Alexandra uses medical jargon and shows her professionalism to show how important medical stretching can be.
Shemale Therapist:
Fetishes include:
Erotic hypnosis, naughty therapist, shemale cock with breasts, cocksucking, ass fucking, handjob stroking, cum facial, light spanking, namecalling, arousal triggers and commands, arousing post-hypnotic suggestion, an unexpected semi-evil post-hypnotic suggestion, an orgasm command, amnesia triggers, and an aftertaste with wakeup.
Sissy Secretary:
The roleplay begins in a private business meeting in which you are the project manager.
I coerce/blackmail you into signing a contract in which I become your advisor - basically scribbling away your dignity.
If you fail to obey Me, you become My secretary.
So of course, you agree to everything I command.
My tone, which initially starts respectfully, gradually turns condescending and eventually insulting.
My purpose is to humiliate you and make you My bitch..
Sissy Shower:
You all asked for it, here it is! Be hypnotized to enjoy being a good obedient, submissive cocksucking faggot that enjoys being a sissy.
Enjoy calling yourself a faggot and love the taste of cock.
Be proud of your sissy status and get ready to stroke lots of men in the shower in the men's locker room.
Size Does Matter 2:
Isabella Valentine sat down with Cara Wheatley, a size queen who only likes well-endowed men for an up-close interview.
Cara loves large monster cocks and won't sleep with anyone unless they are "eligible" enough to be with her.
She even found a technique she regularly uses to find out a man's penis size before sleeping with him!
This interview delves into small penis humiliation and what size "men should be."
Slave Deidre:
Listen to a real time hypnosis session as I hypnotize slave deidre in person!
Lifestyle submissive deidre started off in the recording stating that she "couldn't be hypnotized" so I had to work My magic to get her down pretty deep and had to try some different techniques with her.
The Cuckold Male:
Isabella Valentine presents a new fetish interview featuring Cuckold Eric,
a man who enjoys women that cheat on him.
Many men have common cuckolding fantasies and Isabella sits down with him one-on-one for an exclusive chat with him.
Wet Dreams:
This erotic hypnosis mp3 has been designed to be played on repeat while you are sleeping to enhance your abilities to have wet dreams.
Let your imagination go wild and dream away!
Whether or not you have an orgasm is completely up to you - simply choose when the time is right for you!
Even complete with amnesia triggers for those who enjoy waking up in wet sheets wondering how it happened...

Sissies & Cuckolds:
If you are a pantyboy, sissy, or cuckold, you may enjoy these recordings!
Also many sissies have expressed interest in listening to items in the "Female" category as well. Here is a wide variety of feminization and sissification erotic hypnosis mp3 recordings, brainwashing mp3s, fetish mp3 recordings, cuckolding downloads, and other sissy stuff you may enjoy!
Body Takeover:
Are you familiar with the movie Being John Malkovich?
If you are, then you may have already guessed what the topic of this recording involves.
And even if you're unfamiliar with the movie, the concept is simple:
I literally enter your brain and take over it. How cool is that?
Cuckold Therapy:
Isabella Valentine and Mistress Alexandra team up to make this cuckold mp3 targeted for housewives, however We feel that many men might enjoy this as well.
Evil Surgeon:
Dr. Isabella Valentine and your trusting wife (played by Mistress Alexandra) team up together to truly use and abuse your body in the hospital's emergency room.
You will be turned into a completely obedient sissy with no chance to disobey us!
Fairy Panties:
If your panties could talk, what would they say to you?
In this recording, you get to find out!
Put on your prettiest pair of panties and get ready for a fairytale fantasy come to life!
Become hypnotized to feel tiny (and horny) fairies who have magically taken residence inside your smooth panties.
Gender Transformation:
This is designed for men who wish to feel like a woman under hypnosis.
Not only will you feel like a woman,
but it also involves language and mental programming so you learn to accept your feminine lifestyle.
Gender Transformation 2:
If you are transgender serious in your journey in becoming a woman, then this recording is perfect for you.
This is a sequel to the original "Gender Transformation" however it is not necessary that you listen to the first one to enjoy this.
Do you ever get curious how you might look if you were transformed from a man into a lesbian woman?
You already know that being a woman is so much more sexy, right?
So come join our gender as your breasts begin to grow as trigger words are repeated over and over.
Lesbian Man:
In this erotic hypnosis mp3 session, you get to feel the entire transformation of feeling your body transform of that of a man into a lesbian woman.
And after the transformation is complete, you get to experience an erotic lesbian lovemaking session as My lesbian lover!
How hot is that?
Loving Cuckold:
This beautiful mp3 is designed for married men who love the idea of their wives cheating on them with other partners.
This is a very loving recording that encourages you to let your wife have freedom by having sex with other men.
Special arousing triggers and post-hypnotic suggestions increase yo...
Silky Panties II - Pretty In Pink:
This is a sequel to "Silky Panties" and involves brainwashing techniques!
In Silky Panties, I made you quite comfortable with the idea of wearing panties and now I take things another step further.
In this recording, I introduce the idea of wearing pink panties every day.
Sissy Training:
Have you ever wondered why you enjoy being a sissy?
Or even better yet, have you ever been curious why you're into feminization?
This session is designed for sissies and pantyboys who have fantasies of dressing as beautiful women.
Sissy Virgin:
Isabella Valentine and Mistress Alexandra team for a hot sensual feminization session!
Isabella hypnotizes you as Mistress Alexandra takes your virginity by breaking your hymen and teaching you how wonderful it is to be Her lesbian lover.
You are a sissy forever.
Ever wanted to prove yourself for Goddess Isabella Valentine?
Them cum on your face and eat your ejaculation like a good obedient hypnotic slave.
Swallow all of it. Every little drop of it. Eat it for Me.
And it'll taste just like honey.
Weak Cuckold:
Enjoy this erotic hypnosis mp3 made specifically for men who enjoy living the cuckold lifestyle. Throughout this recording, there are subliminal messages used to reaffirm your patheticness, undesirability, weakness, and vulnerability.
Hypnotized to realize that you will NEVER be a strong sexual man.
Wife's Guide to Strapon:
This mp3 is designed for men who secretly want their wives to use a strapon on them and have always wanted to tell them but never have.
This mp3 is for WIVES to listen to and gradually eases them into the process without scaring them away.
40,0 MB (41.922.876 bytes)
66521 KB
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18,9 MB (19.716.086 bytes)
53,4 MB (55.912.957 bytes)
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56,5 MB (59.199.216 bytes)
50,3 MB (52.674.876 bytes)
69,0 MB (72.324.809 bytes)
35,4 MB (37.033.543 bytes)
33,7 MB (35.299.367 bytes)
68,4 MB (71.682.824 bytes)
23,0 MB (24.057.559 bytes)
54,8 MB (57.411.190 bytes)
46,9 MB (49.154.824 bytes)
27,6 MB (28.934.794 bytes)
27,9 MB (29.188.304 bytes)
26,9 MB (28.161.988 bytes)
70,4 MB (73.775.963 bytes)
58,9 MB (61.698.615 bytes)
24,7 MB (25.891.403 bytes)
37,2 MB (38.910.292 bytes)
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57,3 MB (60.069.410 bytes)
61,3 MB (64.260.705 bytes)
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55,5 MB (58.115.033 bytes)
18,1 MB (18.947.242 bytes)
37,5 MB (39.242.503 bytes)
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58,4 MB (61.202.915 bytes)
67,6 MB (70.879.506 bytes)
18,4 MB (19.210.556 bytes)
54,4 MB (56.999.918 bytes)
25,4 MB (26.548.030 bytes)
62,1 MB (65.033.093 bytes)
58,9 MB (61.730.099 bytes)
36,9 MB (38.659.033 bytes)
54,5 MB (57.084.770 bytes)

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