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Image Converter Plus rapidshare download links
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Old 1st October 2009, 17:00
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New Image Converter Plus

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Image Converter Plus is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance
documents and other images of any type. Up-to-date technology makes it possible
to create a powerful award winning converter ideal for image processing tasks.

ImageConverter Plus is a useful and complex image utility that allows you to preview, edit and convert images. Image Converter Plus consists of shell extension (option added to context menu) and three stand alone applications - Image Converter, Image Editor and Photo Print. Image Converter can convert and apply the same effects to multiple files at a time. It uses the script technology to made conversion easy for everyone. Graphics editor allows to view and edit graphic files. Print manager (PhotoPrint) is the best utility for creating and printing large image catalogues. Shell extension allows to view graphic files without opening them in graphics editor, get full information about graphic files, convert, copy to clipboard and print with one mouse click.

Supported formats

Image Converter Plus supports a large number of file types. In the Windows operating system, the file type is usually shown by a 3-character extension after the file name.

File types supported by ImageConverter Plus are listed below

A: acr, ani, apm arw,
B: bga, bmp, btf
C: cal, cals, ch, clp, cr2, crw, ct, cur, cut
D: dcm, dcr, dcx, dds, dib, dic, dicom, dng, dpx, dxf
E: emf, eps, epi, exr
F: fpx, fxd, fxm, fxr, fxs
G: g3, g4, gg, gem gif, gsm
H: hdr
I: icb, icn, ica, ico, iff, img, img (Vicar)
J: j2c, j2k, jb2, jbg, jbig, jfif, jng, jp2, jpc, jpe, jpeg, jpg, jpx
K: k25, kdc, koa
L: lbm
M: mac, mda, mef, mix, mng, mos, mrw, msp, mtv
N: nef
O: orf, otb
P: pam, pbm, pcc, pcd, pct, pcx, pdb, pdd, pdf, pef (Pentax RAW), pef( RAW), pfm, pgm, pic, pic (Biorad), pic (Psion), pic (Softimage), pict, pix, png, pnm, ppm, psg, psd, psp, pvr, pxn, pxr
R: raf, ras, raw, raw (Panasonic), rgb, rgbe, rla, rle, rle (Compuserve)
S: sct, sff, sgi, snp, srf, sr2, sun, sys
T: tf8, tga, thm, tif, tif (Canon RAW), tif (Phase One RAW), tif ( RAW), tiff, tpic
V: vda, vga, vic, vicar, vst
W: wb1, wbc, wbd, wbm, wbmp, wbz, wmf, wpg
X: x11, xbm, xpm, xwd, xyze


Image Converter Plus is the professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type.

Finally, up-to-date technology makes it possible to create a powerful converter ideal for image processing tasks.

We spent ten years creating and improving strong image conversion solutions. Thus, optimal quality of our conversion technologies is guaranteed.

Modern production techniques and professional approach to development process let us offer our customers a reasonable, competitive price for our software. Image Converter Plus is an optimal solution for those customers who do some image conversion at home. Also, it is graphic converter for business enterprises of small and medium size, provided image conversion tasks are a part of their business.

The fCoder company provides customers with most convenient version update conditions. When you update Image Converter Plus to a newer version or another license type, you pay the lowest possible price.

Image Converter Plus can read a large variety of graphics file formats and convert them to image formats most popular with our customers. BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, RAW and TIFF file formats are among the latter.

To ensure that our users get the most of their Image Converter Plus, we provide absolute support for rare, specialized formats, PSD, EXR(HDR) and DDS file formats among them.

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