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Lady Ninja Collections [JAV] rapidshare download links
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Old 1st July 2011, 04:52
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New Lady Ninja Collections [JAV]

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Lady Ninja Kasumi w/ English sub

It is the Sengoku period. Kasumi and her little brother are orphaned, and she joins the Kunoichi (lady ninja) to protect her brother and defend her new people. When one of their spies turns up dead, Kasumi doles out the revenge…

Saki Anz
Yui Mamiya
Hideki Satô
Masato Takaoka
Kôji Maeda
Lady Ninja Kasumi 2 w/ English sub

It’s been two years since Kasumi chose the Kunoichi lifestyle and she now has a new enemy in Hattori Hanzo. Hanzo’s wish is to penetrate the Ueda castle. So he enlists his own Kunoichi to seduce the gatekeeper, probing him for security loopholes. When Kasumi tries to thwart Hanzo’s plan, she’s nabbed and humiliated by Hanzo. A prostitute and lover of the gatekeeper, Kosode, comes to Kasumi’s aid and a bond between them is formed. But is it strong enough to withstand the powerful Hanzo and his evil schemes?

Emiru Momose
Sho Nishino
Itsuka Harusaki
Masato Takaoka
Koji Maeda
Tatsuo Wakabayashi
Hideto Ishii
Kazutoshi Yamana
Yoko Satomi
Hideki Sato
Lady Ninja Kasumi 3 w/ English sub

The Kuroda clan is said to be in possession of a secret scroll. Legend has it that whoever can decode the scroll will rule the country. Using her body, Kasumi’s mission to snatch it from them. And snatch it she does. Soon, the Kuroda clan are hot on her tail. She’s eventually saved by Miyamoto, a sympathetic and exceptional swordsman. And when Hattori Hanzo puts a hit out on Kasumi, she’s going to need those sword skills and all the help she can get totake on the formidable Oni clan assassins!

Marin Akizuki
Miyoko Sakura
Kiyo Yoshizawa
Sayuri Nakano
Jun Maruyama
Koji Maeda
Mankichi Maeda
Shoji Sachi
Sho Hiromasa
Masumi Ogawa
Hideto Ishii
Lady Ninja Kasumi 4

Once again, Lady Ninja Kasumi is a candidate for a dangerous mission that will use all of her abilities as both a kunoichi and a woman. Her clan elder approaches a specific former member of their group, Sakichi, for his aid in the matter. Unfortunately, due to a tragedy and a lost love, he is unwilling to lend his help to the Sanada ninja, and Kasumi volunteers to handle the matter. Ultimately, she is captured and it is up to Sakichi to help her get to safety… but not before she settles the score with a rival lady ninja.

Yoshizawa Akiho
Yui Komiya
Miho Yoshino
Mankichi Maeda
Masumi Ogawa
Masato Takaoka
Koji Maeda
Code: Ninja Kasumi 4.avi Ninja Kasumi 4.avi
Lady Ninja Kasumi 5

The 5th installment of ‘Kasumi’, the erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. – In this film, Kasumi is assigned to search a man who had recieved a new weapon from the foreigners and she must escort him to Ueda Castle. Although, it won’t be that easy because Hanzo already assigned his ninja army to steal the weapon and eliminate the sanada ninjas. Also, Hanzo’s apprentices are back and ready to fight and *censored**censored**censored**censored* Kasumi again.

Mei Itoya
Hiroshi Maeda
Terhiko Nobukuni
Mari Hinata
Masato Takaoka
Code: Ninja Kasumi 5.avi Ninja Kasumi 5.avi
Lady Ninja Kasumi 6

The story revolves around a man named Takuma who works under the legendary samurai Sanada Yukimura teaching a secret technique called “Kakure Musou”. However, Sanada won’t allow Takuma to actually fight for him because he’s hampered by a painful disease of the eyes. It’s the worst kind of humiliation for a warrior like Takuma. A woman, played by Asami (Sukeban Boy, The Machine Girl), eventually makes a special medicine that helps him recover from his affliction. Meanwhile, Kasumi is sent to investigate a bandit who intends to assassinate Sanada. As the threat of assassination draws closer the shocking truth is exposed and Kasumi is forced to face off against an unlikely betrayer.

Emiru Momose
Marin Akizuki
Code: Ninja Kasumi 6.avi Ninja Kasumi 6.avi
Lady Ninja Kasumi 7

The 7th installment of ‘Kasumi’, the erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. – Kasumi is free and now she must travel to seek her brother Kotaro. Although, on her way. She found an injured woman in the river. Kasumi helped her to get up and she told Kasumi that there is a remote village near by the mountains. Although Kasumi agreed but she doesn’t know, that deep inside the village lies dirty secrets.

Nana Nanaumi
Code: Ninja Kasumi 7.avi Ninja Kasumi 7.avi
Lady Ninja Kasumi 8

The conflict between the Toyotomis and the Tokugawas has grown more intense. The formidable enemy that appears before Kasumi and her fellow ninjas on the Tokugawa side is Nobuyuki, the older brother of Yukimura Sanada. Nobuyuki has one aim: to kill Yukimura. He leads a fearsome team: Jako, a female ninja who mesmerizes people with scent: Mukage, who freely moves and escapes on ground at will: Bunzo, who fights ferociously with only a thread and a fishing pole. These Kouga ninjas begin their attacks on the Sanadas. Meanwhile, Yukimura, Mufu, and Kasumi, visit the Kosuges, the master of which is Takayuki, a Toyotomi, whose younger brother, Shinzo, is for the Tokugawas and is deep in conflict. Kasumi and Shizu, a maid of the Kosuges, fall for each other, but Shizu is attacked by Jako’s Kouga ninjas. Kasumi wages an intense battle with them, but soon finds out Shizu’s dark secret. The battle rages…

Yui Tatsumi
Riri Koda
Keiko Yamada
Misaki Nishiiri
Code: Ninja Kasumi 8.avi Ninja Kasumi 8.avi


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Download Lady Ninja Collections [JAV]

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